Please submit this application form in order to be considered for a stand at Masterpiece London 2023 (29 June – 5 July, Preview Day 28 June).

An outline of Masterpiece London’s Selection Criteria and Process can be seen here.

Shared Stand Applications
It is possible to apply to share a stand at Masterpiece London 2023. If you would like to do so, this form should be submitted as a joint application. For a shared stand to be considered, a strong and coherent stand concept should be supplied along with a selection of at least 6 pieces which demonstrate the stand concept.
In the case of shared stands both applicants will be assessed against the normal Selection Criteria as outlined in the above document.


Shared stands, if approved, are subject to a surcharge of £2,500 excl. VAT.


Should your application be successful, a new exhibitor joining fee of £2,000 excl. VAT per exhibitor will be charged. This is also applicable to shared stands.


First Name
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Street Address
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State / Province / Region
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Please supply a detailed pdf document with recent images, including at least 3 works of art you propose to exhibit at Masterpiece London 2023. These should be representative of the quality of your gallery and adhere to the following criteria:


1. Every exhibit at Masterpiece London should be the best of its type, demonstrating sufficient quality and integrity and conforming to the high standards of the Fair’s Vetting Criteria.

2. All pieces must be genuine antiques or works of art of the period they are represented to be, and in their original form, and not a copy of an earlier period that could be defined as a reproduction.

3. Post-1980 exhibits must be unique, bespoke, or of a limited edition; must be in their original form, be respectful of materials used, and not be of a design that could be defined as a pastiche.

4. Of such a standard that its exhibition is in the best interest of the Fair as a whole.

5. Within the area of expertise for which the gallery is best known within the market.

6. All pieces shown at Masterpiece must be offered for sale, with the price displayed on the accompanying label.

Terms of Application


  • Submission of an application or adherence to any or all or part of the Fair's Selection Criteria does not give the applicant any right to participate in Masterpiece London 2023.

  • The Selection Committee may request additional information from the applicant should they feel it necessary to evaluate the application.

  • All new exhibitors will be charged a one-off joining fee of £2,000 excl. VAT should the application be successful. Please note this fee is per applicant.

  • Shared stands are subject to a surcharge of £2,500 excl. VAT in addition to new joining fees.

  • Should the application be successful the applicant gives agreement and consent that upon signature of a contract with the Organiser to exhibit at Masterpiece London 2023, they shall submit to the Organiser a list of its VIP clients which shall include, without limitation, full names, email addresses and postal addresses in respect of each client.


It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure the application reaches the Masterpiece London Office. Please note an acknowledgement email will be sent upon receipt. Submission of an application does not give the applicant any right to participate in the Fair.

Selection Committee decisions will be made by simple majority. In cases where this is not possible the casting vote is held by the Selection Committee and the Fair Director.

The Selection Committee’s decision will be communicated to the applicant in writing. Please be aware that grounds for the decision are not required to be included in this communication.

Thank you for your interest in exhibiting at Masterpiece London.